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ZinnStarter: Igniting the next generation of entrepreneurs

ZinnStarter’s mission is:

  • To inculcate the next generation of entrepreneurs to create enduring businesses
  • To provide seed money for promising business plans
  • To provide students with the leadership, management and entrepreneurship knowledge of Ray Zinn

Congratulations to our 2019 Recipients:
ThermoRoller (WVU)

Iconic EDU (WVU)

Farm to Fork Meat Processing (Marshall)

The Neighborhood Kombuchery (WVU)

2018 Recipients:

  • Hemeworks Technologies- University of Charleston
  • Inspiration Bakery- Concord University
  • VoixRx- University of Charleston
  • Gotel Mobile Accommodations- West Virginia University
  • Valley Tech Engineering- University of Charleston
  • Byrd's and Bee's- West Virginia University
  • Electric Skateboard- West Virginia University