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Round 1 Helpful Hints

CLICK HERE to get some helpful tips and final instructions before you finalize your Round 1 submission!

NOTE: Round 1 submissions are due at noon on November 15, but to avoid the risk of Internet issues or other technical difficulties, please try to submit your final entries by 11:30am.

Important Dates:

November 15, 2019               Round One submissions due by noon

December 2, 2019                 Semifinalists notified

January 24, 2020                   Feasibility Studies due by noon

January 31, 2020                   Semifinals – Fairmont State University

February 22, 2020                 Workshop – West Virginia University

March 26, 2020                      Final Business Plans due by noon

April 2, 2020                           Final Competition – Charleston Convention Center

Congratulations to the 2019 winners!

STEM- Iconic EDU (WVU)
$10,000  + $2,000 ZinnStarter funding

Lifestyle & Innovation- Farm to Fork Meat Processing (Marshall)
$10,000  + $2,000 ZinnStarter funding

Hospitality & Tourism- The Neighborhood Kombuchery (WVU)
$10,000  + $2,000 ZinnStarter funding

ZinnStarter: ThermoRoller was awarded $4,000

Pictures from the 2019 BPC Finals

2018-19 BPC Finalists 


  • New River Manufacturing- New River Manufacturing is dedicated to three essential values: saving lives, saving the environment, and saving money. We saw an opportunity to make a difference in the dwindling coal industry and the blossoming oil and natural gas industry. Our goal is to use our product and make West Virginia an innovation hotspot in oil and natural gas.
    • Brandon Wackerly and Christopher Bagwell, University of Charleston
  • INSULARM- Insularm is a West Virginia company that has designed and prototyped an Insulin Pump attachment. This attachment can detect when the cannula has become detached from the body and alert the pump user or their caregiver via phone alert.         
    • Brooksana Burke, University of Charleston
  • Weedology LLC- Weedology is the innovative and fun way to garden. It is home for the Weedster, an app based, remote control gardening tool.          
    • Vishnu Kasireddy, Marshall University
  • Iconic EDU- Iconic EDU is an education technology company that develops STEM kits which enable students to connect concepts taught in the classroom to real world examples. Any teacher can use our step by step tutorial videos to facilitate the assembly of our products. Our first kit comes with all the parts needed for students to build and fly a small drone they can use to gather and analyze different types of data.
    • Kyle Gillis, James Carnes, and Alan Brockman, West Virginia University
Lifestyle & Innovation
  • ConeBuddy- Whiteline Innovation is a West Virginia based company that is developing the ConeBuddy as a tool with applications in the transportation industry. The ConeBuddy is slated to be manufactured entirely in West Virginia and will be the first of many products targeting this industry.
    • Keegan Mueller and Kadee Mueller, West Virginia University
  • Second Chance- Second Chance is an innovative apparatus company that specializes in the application of EEGs, 3D-printing, and robotics. Applying these components to offer a better quality of life to those that suffer from paralysis.
    • Austin Davis, University of Charleston
  • ThermoRoller- ThermoRoller is the inventor of a modified athletic roller. The ThermoRoller changes temperature to relieve and relax sore muscle pain after exertion.
    • Cameron Keefe, West Virginia University
  • Farm to Fork Meat Processing- Farm to Fork Meat Processing is a new and innovative way for producers to process their animals. We are new and innovative because we offer a mobile processing unit that goes to the producers farm which makes the process more humane and ethical. While doing this, we save our customers money and offer a better tasting product in the end.
    • Ashley Hoskins and Aaron Simon, Marshall University
Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hideaway Campground, LLC- Camping at the Hideaway Campground offers a relaxing respite in a tranquil part of beautiful Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia. With an array of thoughtful amenities, family-centric activities, and spacious grounds, this is camping at its best. Stay for a few nights, or make this your summer home – either way, you’ll create lifelong memories and truly enjoy “the West Virginia camping experience”.
    • Cari Morris and Andrea Courtney, University of Charleston
  • The Neighborhood Kombuchery- The Neighborhood Kombuchery is a craft kombucha brewer located in Morgantown, WV. Our mission is to support the overall health of our local community by bringing traditionally brewed kombucha to our regional market. We use locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, when available, to create flavors representative of the Mountain State.
    • Andrew Rhodes, West Virginia University
  • Veggie Crate, LLC- VC will build sell and lease portable greenhouse utilizing recycled shipping containers. Each crate will feature compact shelving, high fluorescent or LED lighting and a water system. A crate can be installed anywhere there is a flat space and that has a power and water supply. This will allow users to grow year round.
    • Kory Sanders, University of Charleston
  • TCO- TCO assists restaurants and hotels to stay in compliance with all of the local, State, or Federal rules and regulations to include the health department, OSHA and the alcohol beverage commission. We also help our customers with brand imaging by advertising and highlighting the areas that they excel in.
    • Toby Heaney, University of Charleston

Pictures from the 2018 BPC Semifinals