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The process extends virtually through the entire academic year 2022-2023, culminating in Wheeling April 2023 at Bridging Innovation. Each time commitment is required and any changes that could occur will be emailed to you. Each deadline is also noon eastern time. Feedback and instruction are given for each round, so it is not necessary to have any business background to enter. It is helpful to have team members with different areas of expertise.
  • November 11: Round 1 video entries due on VentureDash by noon 
  • November 22: Semifinalists will be notified                    

  • December 1: First online workshop for semifinalists                  

  • January 20: Round 2 submissions due online by noon                 

  • January 31: Finalists will be notified and announced 

  • February 10: Second online workshop for finalists        

  • February 24: Third online workshop for finalists

  • April 19: Final business plans are due online by noon

  • April 19: Round 3 Finals in Wheeling, West Virginia at Bridging Innovation