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Parthian Battery Solutions

Kyle Seese & Samuel Chico

Parthian Battery Solutions offers low-cost, eco-friendly energy storage systems to consumers. Their unique process of repurposing retired EV battery modules from auto manufacturers will establish themselves as the premier cost leader for residential and commercial energy storage systems.

InstitutionWest Virginia University

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Shake It Out Fitness Flask

Shake It Out® pouches and Fitness Flask bottles solves the problem of using rigid containers for mixing supplements, using a unique and innovative design technology. Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask is a plastic, flexible, and disposable mixing pouch, holding up to 12 ounces of liquid, with special technology for mixing powders into liquids for consumption directly from the pouch. Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask mixing pouch uses a proprietary design to enhance the agitation of contents, providing complete dissolution of powders, leaving no clumps of undissolved residue. Flexibility allows manual kneading of pouch.

Institution :   West Virginia University

West Virginia Storybook Weddings

West Virginia Storybook Weddings is a store classified as a one-stop shop for all the products and services needed to produce a one-of-a-kind wedding. Couples will receive service based on their desired vendor selections. They’ll come to the store, have a consultation meeting. We’ll lay out the plan for them in the storybook format. Products and services can range from lightly used to new as well as rentals or purchased items and can include wedding dresses, special decorations, accessories and more.

InstitutionFairmont State University

La Ter ra

This dual-storefront, to be located on the I-79 corridor, will offer chef-inspired food in a Contemporary American Bistro setting as well as a specialty grocery store. The food will focus on the health of WV residents while offering a unique culinary experience.

Institution Pierpont CTC

Yard S ervice In A Box

Yard Service in a Box provides everything needed to easily launch your own business and continue to grow and expand it. It makes it super easy to start a business. We provide what you need to get your business started, even if you have no experience. Our videos and content teach you gardening, advertising, and how to run your business.

Institution West Virginia University



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· InstitutionWest Virginia University – Institute of Technology  


Growvana is a waste collection and food composting startup company that is in the process of being further developed in order to implement its operations into communities. The purpose of Growvana is to use a different approach to collecting waste and use composting methods to reduce land usage and methane emissions with automated processes.

nstitutionWest Liberty University

Passionate Paws Pet Pharmacy

Passionate Paws is a start-up company created by two WV sisters specializing in pet medications. Follow our journey as we prepare to compete for the grand prize in the final round of the WV Business Plan Competition and get Passionate Paws off the ground.

Institution West Virginia University  

Wireless Telemetry

Wireless Telemetry transforms medical telemetry information collection via a wireless system that benefits all medical stakeholders, including health care facilities, doctors, nurses, patients, and administrators.

InstitutionUniversity of Charleston


Originally created for elite athletes and those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, Richie Thompson’s GEEL SOCKS feature shock-absorbing gel heel pads that protect the foot from direct shock while walking, running, jumping, or standing for long periods of time.

InstitutionUniversity of Charleston

E mergency Activated Harness (EAH)

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· Institution Ohio Valley University


Forget Me Knot

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· InstitutionMarshall University